Carla X is a multimedia visual performance artist with a vision of transcending reality through the art of movement, costuming, and their intersection with technology.  Bringing to the stage an arsenal of different talents to entertain any audience spanning from corporate, family friendly acts to intense, shocking, and envelope pushing performance art.

These are some of the awe inspiring acts in Carla X's toybox.

Ethereal Movement

  • LED Fan Dancing
  • Silk Fan Dancing
  • Gogo Dancing
  • Lyra ( Not currently available for bookings)
  • Stilt Walking
  • Experience Creator (Roving/Atmosphere Character)

Focused Intensity

  • Conceptual Performance Art
  • Angle Grinder Spark Shows
  • Fire Eating
  • Fire Fan Dancing


  • Human Blockhead
  • Balloon Swallowing
  • Human Tip Jar/ Avant Garde Staple Gun Performance
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